Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family & Friends

For over 35 years Jim and I have opened our mill home to our family members and friends as a place to hold their weddings, anniversary parties or just a party party.  Hence the idea was born for The Lalumondiere Mill & Rivergardens which opened this season.  On this coming Saturday, July 2nd, that tradition continues as we are gifting a couple very special to us with the use of our home for their wedding.

Brandon is a native of our little village of Byrnesville.  He spent all his growing up years here playing in the river, or climbing on our dam along with Jim's and my children.  In many ways it is like having a member of our family return to celebrate their marriage.  

Brandon's fiance Stephanie joined the group in their teenage years and was a regular member of the crew hanging out on our dock, and looking cute as could be.  I'd say she caught the eye of many a young boy, but Brandon won her heart.  

I'd venture to say that we are going to have some fun!!!

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  1. Fantastic wedding. We had a blast and talk about a picturesque setting. Beautiful!

    Some photos from the wedding can be viewed here...