Friday, February 18, 2011

He Won Her Heart.......

Meet Emily and Chris who will be married at The Lalumondiere on May 14th of this year. 
Perseverance, and an apology, worked well for these two.  


I met Chris on a float trip on the Big Piney River in the summer of
2006. Our friends set us up on a blind date. I thought Chris was cute
but didn’t really care for him, because he wasn’t a very nice person at
the time. That same weekend, when I got home, I found out my
grandfather passed away. After Chris found that out, he called me to
apologize about being a jerk and to express his condolences for my
loss. During the same phone call he asked me if I would be up to go
on a date once things settled down. So I gave Chris a second
chance. We went to the Elephant Bar in West County, where he
wined and dined me and we have been together ever since then.


I fell in love with her and I fell hard. So I decided on June 14, 2010 I
would take the plunge and ask Emily to marry me. Every year Emily’s
family goes on a family vacation to Norfork Lake so I thought that
would be the perfect place to ask her. We went on a boat ride where
I hid strawberries, chocolate and wine in the live well. I took her to a
secluded area on the lake where we could be alone. We had a nice
time just relaxing and talking until I found the right time to pop the big
question. I got down on my knee and showed her the ring I had
picked out all by myself, and as she started to cry, she said YES!

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