Tuesday, September 21, 2010

She said, he said......

The Lalumondiere recently signed with Kristine Clark and Todd Robinson to host their April 30th, 2011 wedding and reception.  We ask clients to provide some history about themselves to include in our postings.  Kristine was first, and fast, to reply with Todd following up to add his own perspective.  Thank you both for your compliments.  We look forward to sharing the day with you as well.  


"We were introduced a year and a half ago.  We hit it off and found ourselves talking on the phone every night for hours. Everything just came so easy to us, conversation, laughing, sharing stories.   I couldn't believe that there was actually still a person out there that could make me feel giddy again!  Our long phone conversations soon turned to long in-person conversations and we grew a relationship from there.  Once I saw how well Todd and my son got along I knew that there was someone else in my life forever.  We were engaged in April of this year and are so pleased to have our wedding day at The Lalumondiere.  We had always hoped to find a small, intimate, unique and beautiful place to have our wedding.  We couldn't believe what a perfect fit The Lalumondiere was for both the wedding and reception!  I can envision how beautiful the gardens and scenery will be in the spring and look forward to sharing the day there with our family and friends."


"....... we went out for a drink and ended up talking alot..then found we both had alot of beliefs and attitudes in common...nice long converstaions at the winery she loves villa antonia out in hillsboro lol..she is now my partner in crime and best friend more than anything...Im sure she had a long email and story but it always happens when your not looking".

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