Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With a tear in her eye...

We showed The Lalumondiere on Saturday the 7th to the mother and sister of an interested client who currently resides in Chicago.  Their job was to give their opinion of our site.  The rest is now history.

On this past Saturday, Summer and Ben arrived with family members in tow, and their signed contract in hand, to reserve October 22, 2011 for their wedding date.  As we talked over fine details of their event I realized that Summer had tears in her eyes.  It is a pleasure to know that The Lalumondiere is going to be involved in making her wedding dreams a reality.  

Summer has received her art degree from Columbia College in Chicago and Ben will be returning there this fall to complete his as well.  Two artistic people working on ideas for using The Lalumondiere as their palette.  This should be fun!

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