Thursday, August 26, 2010

In his own words.....

Carrie & Jay made a site visit with us last weekend.  Two days later they asked for a contract and reservation for their wedding/reception for May 28th, 2011.  We always ask for a bit of information on our couples to include here in our website as an announcement of their event.  Jay, whose occupation is in the creative media,  promptly replied with the following:

"Carrie and I met in high-school our Junior/Senior year. We hung in the same circles and had the same friends, but really didn't hang out with each other all that much. I had a huge crush on her and she was completely, head-over-heels, madly in love with me  ... Well, okay, so I have no idea is that was actually the case or not, but let's just go with that ;-) What I do remember was her smile - I remember her amazing smile, and I remember it always picked me up and helped through the difficult moments back then.

High school ended, ways parted and we each went our separate ways to live the lives we were intended to live - We did see each other once after high school - about 2 years later. We had some coffee together, but then parted ways again.

Fourteen years later, hanging out in social media wonderland, we found each other again - on facebook! We went through a couple of weeks chatting over IM, talking on the phone occasionally and so on. That is until CARRIE DISAPPEARED! Unbeknownst to me, Carrie's love for me was so overwhelming, her heart over flowed! Unable to handle the intensity of the love she felt, she ran away to Northern Montana where she landed a sweet gig as an intern on an Alpaca ranch... Alright, well that last bit didn't technically happen, but for one reason or another she did disappear for several months. We fell out of contact, once again off to live our separate lives

Then, one day - diligently working and certainly NOT updating my status on facebook. While at work. In a meeting - Carrie went onto facebook and poked me (*gasp*)! And there she was! With that we started talking once more and, enticed by my promises to one day build her an Alpaca ranch of her very own, she agreed not to run away again.

After a few weeks of chatter Carrie made a bold move - she asked if liked the Blues and suggested I should check out Kim Massie. Being notoriously perceptive (and Carrie not really being known to be "sneaky") I picked up on the subtle hint and asked if she wanted to go with me - She agreed that a "non-date" was a wonderful Idea and would love to catch up and so had our first, "non-date," at Beale on Broadway.

Sitting perfectly still at the bar at Beale's, we danced the night away in stories of each other's past, spent time in each other's eyes and got lost in each other's laughter. The lifetime of searching came to an end and all the wonder and doubt disappeared into the night on ribbons of music - What was once a high-school crush has grown into a true friendship, a true partnership and a true love that will live on beyond our years."

We couldn't have said it better...............

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