Monday, July 26, 2010

Site Unseen....

Local residents Tiffany Deachan and Aaron Null have chosen The Lalumondiere as their wedding location on June 11th, 2011.  The interesting fact is that neither have personally seen our site as they are working in Montana for the summer.  

With the wonder of the internet, Tiffany found our website and sent her mom to 'check it out'.  A few emails later and the contract was signed.

Both are returning to St. Louis in August for Aaron to complete his final semester at MST for his Mining Engineering degree.  Tiffany holds a Graphic Design degree from Forest Park Community College.  

Being an avid Cardinal baseball fan, Tiffany hoped he would propose to her at a game.  Not to disappoint, that is exactly what Aaron did on the night this photo was shot.  Way to go Aaron!

We can be contacted at 314.707.2725 (Jeannie)

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