Sunday, March 14, 2010


   Thinking about the term 'eclectic charm' leads me to make a mental list of the architectural gems, salvaged from various structures in St. Louis, that have ended up here over the years to enhance our property.  
   The craftsmanship of times-gone-by, and the loss thereof, is something to lament.  Luckily, Jim has had an ear to the ground when it comes to finding these gems and an eye for how to incorporate them into The Lalumondiere.  
  Old St.Louis curb stone used here as
bridging over a fish pond.

 Patio fencing from wrought iron removed from the McKinnley Bridge, St. Louis, MO. 

Mid 1800's cabinet system from a demolished home in St. Louis

  Stable doors from The Lemp Estate off Kennerly Road in St. Louis.

Railing removed from the House of Good Shepherd (c. 1850) at 11th St. & Chestnut in St. Louis.


Granite fireplace salvaged from home on Litzinger Rd. in St. Louis.

There is literally tons and tons of stonework around the grounds of The Lalumondiere, all salvaged from various buildings in the City of St. Louis.

When Jim arrives home from a trip to the city you can be sure that his trailer will be loaded with some recent find from a wreck site where yet another St. Louis building has reached its demise.  In 1999 the Riverfront Times ran an article by Thomas Crone in his Hit Parade column titled "Stone by Stone, Brick by Brick".  Beginning in the 5th paragraph down he refers to 'The Salvager', a name he dubbed Jim with when Jim declined to give his real name.   If you need a bit of light reading the article will give you an insight into the penchant for recycling that is so evident at The Lalumondiere

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